Types & Costs of Producing Video

There are quite a few different types of video programmes that today’s businesses may need or want to shoot.

In general videos can be used as marketing or sales tools as well as for product or service promotion. You can also produce Video for public awareness films, to help improve safety issues or highlight features and improvements. There is also a significant growing trend for training videos as part of an educational programme and infomercials.

In this article we look at some of the costs and resources involved in any video production.

Video programmes can involve real people as in staff or actors, animation or screen shots from your computer. A video can even be a combination of all of these things but one thing is common throughout. Irrespective of the type of video you are putting together, the resources that go into producing videos are often the same. Here’s what I mean.

A 15 minute infomercial will require approximately the same amount of resources and budget as a 15 minute training video, even though the resources in each film or video are somewhat different.

Generally this rule of thumb will apply across the board meaning a low budget marketing DVD will cost roughly the same as a low cost educational DVD. You can take this video principle and apply it to high budget, high cost DVD’s and videos as well. Why?

The common factor is that every video needs planning, scripting, shoot days and editing. With very few exceptions every video production will also need graphics, titling, post production, authoring and in some cases conversion into different formats. Especially if you want to use your videos on the web or for streaming.

Although the storyline and locations for each type of video will be different, the resources and man hours involved during the filming and production stages will be virtually be the same. If you take this rule of thumb on board it indicates that the common factors and related costs of the video production process are often similar.

Another rule of thumb that you can use is that the end price you pay for your finished video depends more on the quality you want as opposed to the type video you are making. The obvious exception to this general rule is if you have heavily animated content or lots of special effects. It should go without saying that these mediums will rip into your budget due to the time involved.

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