The Importance of a Good Script For Your Video

The script is the effectively the engine that drives your video production and should be considered the most important part of any video.

The script tells the story or message you want to get across and pulls together the pictures of the overall image you want to create for your viewers. When it comes to video marketing tactics get your script right will make the biggest difference to your profitability.

One thing not to forget is that a scriptwriter writes the way he envisages his words will be spoken. This means that when you see your script for the first time don’t think that you’ve got to correct bad grammar. In a script “that’s it” will have more flow and rhythm that “that is it” – Can you feel the difference? If not just try reading those two things out loud.

If you are writing your script yourself some essential things to remember are;

  • Make it interesting,
  • Make it flow
  • Make it logical.

As with sales letters it takes time to get your video script right. So don’t be in a hurry to get it down first time. In fact use your sales letter as the basis for your script. Pick out the benefits (not the features) and look at how you can link them together in a way that excites your prospect enough to buy there and then. or at least want to get in touch with you to ask you for more information.

Keep in focus the end goal you want to achieve with your video.

  • Do you want the viewer to take immediate action – if so what?
  • Do you want them to just be aware of your brand?
  • Do you want them to contact you for more information?
  • Do you want them to buy there and then?
  • Is it an informational video?

Depending on what you want to happen after someone has watched your video will dictate the script.

A good tactic once you’ve written the script is to get someone to read the it out loud. First read it through from start to finish. Did it flow?

Next read it line by line and then paragraph by paragraph to try and isolate the strong and weak points making notes as you go. Only after you have read it through out LOUD and you know where changes need to be made, should you start your first rewrite.

Apart from the obvious ‘speech’ stumbling blocks (where what you’ve written doesn’t sound quite right or loses flow) also keep an eye on the amount of time it takes to read it through from start to finish. You are doing this for two main reasons.

  1. Longer videos cost more to make
  2. You don’t want to bore your viewers in to having negative thoughts about you or your product.

Keep in mind that if your video is for web viewing, most people tend to lose focus after three to five minutes so unless your script is highly engaging and interesting they won’t get to you punch line.

It might be a good idea to think about a 30 – 60 second trailer video highlighting all of the real benefits of your product with a link to the full length video so they can watch more if they want to. You will only know how effective this is after some testing and tracking.

The next step after producing your script is to work it into your storyboard and I’ll look at those in another article.

If you want to jump the gun a bit just read my earlier post about Celtx . It makes the whole process much easier.

If you’re a script writer please leave a comment so that others can find you. There is a true art in scriptwriting and if you can afford it … hire a script-writer.

Kevin Polley has been involved with computers and the internet since 1997. Apart from being an accomplished ecommerce consultant he is also highly experienced in Organic Search Engine Optimization techniques.

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