CamStudioPro Screen Capture Software

Producing screen capture videos used to be quite expensive with Camtasia being the software of choice for many PC users. At over $300 it was not affordable for some. Well that’s all changed.

Watching video online has become as normal as watching TV and for some , watching video online is even more popular than TV. Let’s face it, your choice is vast. This shift in perceptions is one of the reasons a few software developers started to come up with free and low cost screen capture alternatives.

Camstudio is probably one of the better known free offerings in this software sector but as you would expect it has a few weaknesses compared to paid for products. Well Dave Guindon has now improved some of them making it a good place for marketers to start producing training or marketing videos of their own.

From the marketers perspective two of the main flaws of CamStudio were
1. The flash videos output by CamStudio didn’t work in Firefox or Netscape (just a minor problem … eeek ). and
2. There was no “Redirect to URL” option once the flash video has completed.

Thankfully Dave’s Cam Studio Pro solves these issues making it worth investigating. Another real bonus from Dave are his video tutorials. He doesn’t just show you how to use CamStudio Pro, he shows you how to get the best out of it and how to leverage Cam Studio Pro (or other videos) for maximum profits.

If I have one complaint it’s minor. To me it looks like he’s used Camtasia to produce his training videos. Still, that shouldn’t stop you checking it out now as he also has a few interesting bonuses as part of his package.

BTW. Another alternative is to use the free version of camstudio to capture your screen and then use other software to edit and produce the finished result. The downside to this is it can be time consuming and your workflow will suffer as a result.

For your first attempt at screen capture try Cam Studio Pro.

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