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Google Ends PR and Starts OpenSocial,

Over the past two weeks there have been some significant changes that as internet based marketers we can’t ignore. Pulling the facts and the rumours together it would look like Google just put itself at the hub of Web 2.0 just after making some sweeping PR rank changes that will lead to quite a few website models to suffering financially. On the flip side those web based businesses based on solid content and principles look set to prosper even more! Here’s what I know that you need to keep an eye on. Peter Kafka of Silicon Alley Insider reported earlier that Myspace was joining the Google OpenSocial movement. If you haven’t come across that yet read his post on how OpenSocial looks set to flatten Facebook . As it was so nicely put over at techcrunch. Checkmate? MySpace … “Suddenly, within just the last couple of days, the entire social networking world has announced that they are ganging up to take on Facebook, and Google is their Quarterback in the big game.” This really struck me as something powerful but I didn’t twig just how important this was until a post by Seth Godin explained it. It allows users to take their social graph with them from one site to another. – Now that does open up some marketing opportunities. So how might this relate to PR Changes. The waters are a little muddy still and there are lots of thoughts and rumours doing the rounds. Some folk are pulling thier hair out as they have lost page rank. Wow. With some notable exceptions, whatever changes Google made look to have been targeted at paid link sites and link farms. It’s not unexpected as far as I’m concerned as it is probably a continuation of Googles stated aim to improve search result quality. <Side Note> I’m going to draw my line in the sand here regarding the use of duplicate content … on any type of site. While the search bots may find and list your content initially, as more data comes in and the numbers get crunched your visibility will decrease. Try thinking further ahead than 3 months. What did catch my eye was a rumour that Google will be doing away with PR altogether at some point in November. This will of course have some SEO folks running round in circles crying blue murder but it will apparently be replaced with an alternative called VR or visitor rating. If all of this is bang on the money then your PR toolbar will be reset to zero and phased out to be replaced with a VR toolbar. (someone start writing a book on how to 🙂 ). Then as if that wasn’t enough to contend with, in the same article I find that Google are going to make sweeping changes to the adsense model that’s going to have millions of plain adsense site owners income slashed to almost nothing. Or not? Here’s the principle (and don’t forget this is

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Web 2.0 Blog marketing is almost a misnomer

To quote wikipedia A misnomer is a term which suggests an interpretation that is known to be untrue. Such incorrect terms sometimes derived their names because of the form, action, or origin of the subject—becoming named popularly or widely referenced—long before their true natures were known. I don’t know what triggered this train of thought but I’ve got it and I’m in the mood to write. You see for some reason I’ve got a bug in my head about the concept of blogging mixed with marketing to make it an automatic process. I know the two do mix and people are making money but … Here’s my mental paradox: Part of it’s to do with ethics, Blogging and Web 2.0 is all about people. Giving people the ability to mix and interact with others who share information on common interests. It’s about building communities and making friends and contacts. Marketing got bolted on to it because people were blogging. Marketing is all about driving people towards taking an action which normally involves spending hard earnt cash and a basic human trait, (well a trait I’ve got and the last time I looked I was human) is that we all try to get the best deal possible … and if possible … something ‘free’. So far so good. Now this where the rosy glow of blog marketing begins to start losing its shine for me. At least in the longer term as it’s presented in a few posts and emails I’ve come across.

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Social Media Sites, Useful Lists For Marketing or Promotion

So you want to do marketing or promotion on social media or web 2.0 sites. Call it social media marketing or web2 marketing the reality is that it’s all about people power. You want people to visit your website and nothing is a better recommendation than word of mouth. Social media sites are springing up everywhere and it’s hard to get a grip on which ones we need to get involved with to make a success of our marketing or promotion efforts. Here I’ve put together a list of social marketing sites which I’ve come across which may help. The list is broken down into video networking, social networking, social bookmarking, feeds and a few others. Enjoy.

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