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CamStudioPro Screen Capture Software

Producing screen capture videos used to be quite expensive with Camtasia being the software of choice for many PC users. At over $300 it was not affordable for some. Well that’s all changed. Watching video online has become as normal as watching TV and for some , watching video online is even more popular than TV. Let’s face it, your choice is vast. This shift in perceptions is one of the reasons a few software developers started to come up with free and low cost screen capture alternatives. Camstudio is probably one of the better known free offerings in this software sector but as you would expect it has a few weaknesses compared to paid for products. Well Dave Guindon has now improved some of them making it a good place for marketers to start producing training or marketing videos of their own. From the marketers perspective two of the main flaws of CamStudio were

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The Importance of a Good Script For Your Video

The script is the effectively the engine that drives your video production and should be considered the most important part of any video. The script tells the story or message you want to get across and pulls together the pictures of the overall image you want to create for your viewers. When it comes to video marketing tactics get your script right will make the biggest difference to your profitability. One thing not to forget is that a scriptwriter writes the way he envisages his words will be spoken. This means that when you see your script for the first time don’t think that you’ve got to correct bad grammar. In a script “that’s it” will have more flow and rhythm that “that is it” – Can you feel the difference? If not just try reading those two things out loud. If you are writing your script yourself some essential things to remember are;

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Free Video Editing Software and Tools.

This list of free video editing software tools makes it easy and cheap for anyone to edit and produce video to the highest quality that is ready for business or personal use. Video has become almost a default in today’s blogs and websites. Without them a site can look almost naked. The fact is that NLE’s (non linear editors) need not cost the earth. In fact you can get some excellent video editing tools for free and I’ve put together a list of some of them here for you. This is by no means a complete list but having said that it is fairly comprehensive and as always if you think I should include another program or service let me know. If you want to spend your cash on ‘industry standard’ applications like Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas, feel free. There are pros and cons against this thought process and the biggest pro I can think of is the sheer number of people using them makes getting help and manuals easier. Having said that … things are changing and all of the sites and programmes listed below have very active support and development teams as well as thriving user communities. Lets just put it like this… It could be that the big names will soon start to lose market share, I mean, why would you want to spend £300 – £600 ($500 – $1100) on a branded product when you can find free video editing programs that do virtually the same thing. Lets look at the free video editing software available …

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Types & Costs of Producing Video

There are quite a few different types of video programmes that today’s businesses may need or want to shoot. In general videos can be used as marketing or sales tools as well as for product or service promotion. You can also produce Video for public awareness films, to help improve safety issues or highlight features and improvements. There is also a significant growing trend for training videos as part of an educational programme and infomercials. In this article we look at some of the costs and resources involved in any video production.

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