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CamStudioPro Screen Capture Software

Producing screen capture videos used to be quite expensive with Camtasia being the software of choice for many PC users. At over $300 it was not affordable for some. Well that’s all changed. Watching video online has become as normal as watching TV and for some , watching video online is even more popular than TV. Let’s face it, your choice is vast. This shift in perceptions is one of the reasons a few software developers started to come up with free and low cost screen capture alternatives. Camstudio is probably one of the better known free offerings in this software sector but as you would expect it has a few weaknesses compared to paid for products. Well Dave Guindon has now improved some of them making it a good place for marketers to start producing training or marketing videos of their own. From the marketers perspective two of the main flaws of CamStudio were

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So you want to get into online video advertising and promotions.

Internet video advertising and promotions pre-production software. The emergence of web video as a viable medium for advertisers and promoters over the last two years has been astounding. Advancements in compression technology and the growth in broadband usage has made high quality video streaming a reality that we dreamed of five years ago. The available technology has led to a massive rise in the number of sites like YouTube and Daily Motion (to name just two) that have emerged. No-one can deny the popularity of user generated content, you’ve just got to think back to how much Google paid for You Tube. Uploading your videos to these social network video sites will help begin the process of getting air play or views for your videos. There are a number of guides available that will help teach you ways of monetizing your videos or how to use them to generate a contestant stream of new and unique visitors to your business website. But before you can do that you have to create and produce your video. Let’s look at pre production planning

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Social Media Sites, Useful Lists For Marketing or Promotion

So you want to do marketing or promotion on social media or web 2.0 sites. Call it social media marketing or web2 marketing the reality is that it’s all about people power. You want people to visit your website and nothing is a better recommendation than word of mouth. Social media sites are springing up everywhere and it’s hard to get a grip on which ones we need to get involved with to make a success of our marketing or promotion efforts. Here I’ve put together a list of social marketing sites which I’ve come across which may help. The list is broken down into video networking, social networking, social bookmarking, feeds and a few others. Enjoy.

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