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A little bit of gratitude if you please.

If you are reading this then the next thing I hope you will do is take some positive action. Now … this post has nothing and everything to do with online marketing.  You see a mate of mine has just set himself a target which I think he’ll beat a lot sooner than he thinks.  His site is a little piece of tranquillity on a very loud web and I can only urge you to take a moments break and see for yourself. A little gratitude is a great video/poem that will hopefully help us all realise just how lucky we are.  No matter how bad things may seem.  Stuart Alexander’s aim is to get one million comments and help one million people discover some of the really important things in life that we often tend to overlook. So … take a short break, look, listen, enjoy and add your comment.  Then … maybe put a post on your blog or site and help others see what’s really important in life and help one of the good guys reach his goal. Thanks http://www.alittlegratitude.com/

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Ecommerce Realities

If you run a business then you need to have a website, if not the simple fact is you are losing out. The problem is that even though getting a web presence for you business has become simple , there are still tips, tricks and tweaks that you need to employ if you want a healthy return on your investment. Drawing on over 10 years experience I’ve finally decided to commit myself to keeping you in the picture and start blogging. As time progresses I’ll be posting on many of the topics that you need to understand in order to profit online. We will be looking at various aspects of internet marketing and advertising strategies both online and off. We will look at how video can increase your profits, how to produce your videos and edit them. We will look at how to set-up websites, how to get paid, how to deliver your products and how to keep your clients happy and coming back for more. I’m really looking forward to sharing some of my knowledge with you and I encourage you to subscribe to my feed now. That’s it for the time being more soon.

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