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Web 2.0 Blog marketing is almost a misnomer

To quote wikipedia A misnomer is a term which suggests an interpretation that is known to be untrue. Such incorrect terms sometimes derived their names because of the form, action, or origin of the subject—becoming named popularly or widely referenced—long before their true natures were known. I don’t know what triggered this train of thought but I’ve got it and I’m in the mood to write. You see for some reason I’ve got a bug in my head about the concept of blogging mixed with marketing to make it an automatic process. I know the two do mix and people are making money but … Here’s my mental paradox: Part of it’s to do with ethics, Blogging and Web 2.0 is all about people. Giving people the ability to mix and interact with others who share information on common interests. It’s about building communities and making friends and contacts. Marketing got bolted on to it because people were blogging. Marketing is all about driving people towards taking an action which normally involves spending hard earnt cash and a basic human trait, (well a trait I’ve got and the last time I looked I was human) is that we all try to get the best deal possible … and if possible … something ‘free’. So far so good. Now this where the rosy glow of blog marketing begins to start losing its shine for me. At least in the longer term as it’s presented in a few posts and emails I’ve come across.

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Social Bookmarking Sites With PR Rank

Find The PR Rank of Social Bookmarking Sites We all know that you need to get your posts read if you want to make cash. We all know that getting good back links from sites with a good PR rank (that are preferably on topic) will help you with improving your natural search engine optimisation rank. And all of this helps people with interests similar to yours to find your site. Not so long ago I put up a list of social networking sites which has proved popular and useful. Well in my search for other opportunities I found another really useful list of Social Bookmarking Sites With PR Rank put together by Joe Justin. I first bumped into Joe, who runs Arsenal Marketing, at Web 2.0 Wealth Unleashed which is a great site to visit if you are new to blogging or web2.0 and want to get up and running quickly. (The support provided by Alex, who runs the site, is excellent!) Being a Brit, I thought that the Arsenal part referred to one of our football teams but that can’t be the case as he’s based in Fort Lauderdale 🙂 Anyhow, He’s worked hard and you’ll find the PR rankings of over 100 social networking sites which should help you decide where to start your promotional efforts. As a foot note – don’t forget to check that the networking sites you become members of cater to your niche. Some are generic but some specialise and you don’t want to upset people. Have fun.

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Social Media Sites, Useful Lists For Marketing or Promotion

So you want to do marketing or promotion on social media or web 2.0 sites. Call it social media marketing or web2 marketing the reality is that it’s all about people power. You want people to visit your website and nothing is a better recommendation than word of mouth. Social media sites are springing up everywhere and it’s hard to get a grip on which ones we need to get involved with to make a success of our marketing or promotion efforts. Here I’ve put together a list of social marketing sites which I’ve come across which may help. The list is broken down into video networking, social networking, social bookmarking, feeds and a few others. Enjoy.

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