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Online product reviews can cost you $11,000

If times weren’t hard enough American FTC have decided that in some cases it’s wrong to review products and to implement a fine of upto $11,000. Until now online promotions via blogs were not covered by any guidelines and this worried some consumer groups. The issue being that the links between the products being reviewed or talked about, the publishers (companies & individuals) and the companies selling the products was not transparent. i.e. if I reviewed ‘product A’, I didn’t need to tell anyone that I was an affiliate for that product and I would get a commission if my reader bought that product through my link. I understand that it was a 30 year old law that has been updated, in order to get in touch with the times and I can appreciate a need to protect web users but all so often laws are implemented by people who have read reports but have not a clue how the web works or how to implement the said changes. These changes come into effect on December 1, 2009 and you can read for yourself the FTC Final Guides Governing Endorsements, Testimonials: What struck me was that everyone in the Internet Marketing business is going to be affected when I read this. “Under the revised Guides, advertisements that feature a consumer and convey his or her experience with a product or service as typical when that is not the case will be required to clearly disclose the results that consumers can generally expect. In contrast to the 1980 version of the Guides – which allowed advertisers to describe unusual results in a testimonial as long as they included a disclaimer such as “results not typical” – the revised Guides no longer contain this safe harbor.” The new policy will also apply to Twitter, Facebook, Yelp and other forms of new media advertising.

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CamStudioPro Screen Capture Software

Producing screen capture videos used to be quite expensive with Camtasia being the software of choice for many PC users. At over $300 it was not affordable for some. Well that’s all changed. Watching video online has become as normal as watching TV and for some , watching video online is even more popular than TV. Let’s face it, your choice is vast. This shift in perceptions is one of the reasons a few software developers started to come up with free and low cost screen capture alternatives. Camstudio is probably one of the better known free offerings in this software sector but as you would expect it has a few weaknesses compared to paid for products. Well Dave Guindon has now improved some of them making it a good place for marketers to start producing training or marketing videos of their own. From the marketers perspective two of the main flaws of CamStudio were

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The Hidden Real Cost of Rights Packages – A Warning

This is a warning for anyone who has ever bought resale and usage rights for templates, artwork or image packs. Ignore it at you peril. I’m pretty angry right now and I can’t name names because of legal issues (mores the pity) but the bottom line is that there are some ‘marketers’ out there who are acting illegally and you and me are the ones that will end up paying. Here’s why. These ‘marketers’ provide you, me (and whoever else) with packages to use or resell as our own. These packages contain images that are in fact licensed by another company and these ‘marketers’ don’t actually have the right to even use them. Let alone sell them or give them away. And don’t get me started on what will happen if you actually sell a licensed image. Even by mistake. How does it cost you money?

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The Automated Cash Formula: Total BS!

“Automated Cash Formula” (ACF) by Dave Gale is a $37 Internet Marketing product in pdf format. There are the obligatory upsell’s at $67 and $19 offering videos so you can see how Dave does what he does. I haven’t bought the videos so I can’t comment but I’m sure they will make things much easier to follow for some. Where to begin with this review? My Biggest Problem with the sales pitch is the whole BS of the headline and sub headings Totally Eliminate The Hard Work To Making Money Online; Make You Hundreds Of Dollars A Day, Everyday, On Auto-Pilot… Using The Internet Without A Website, Selling Any Products Or Doing Any Marketing Whatsoever – Even If You’re Currently Flat Out Broke With No Time Or Energy To Spare. Sorry for being blunt but …. bullshit, horseshit and …. arrrgghhh YES the formula can work for you but you will need to put in more than a couple of hours per project to get it right, So what’s the formula:

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