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Google Metaweb: Semantic Open Linked Data Boost

what is metaweb and why do google want it

Freebase has been built by a community that loves open data.  For many first time visitors to the site, the words “An entity graph of people, places and things” might not sound sexy or form any mental association with improved ecommerce but the announcement that Google acquired Metaweb woke a few people up. The  Freebase blog announced Metaweb joins Google saying nothing would change other than “getting better, and yes, even more open”.  The hope is that the announcement will encourage even more individuals, institutions and companies to use and contribute to Freebase.. Why? Everyone involved in web commerce will benefit from the linking and reuse of open data.  By combining the ongoing development of core semantic technologies with new innovative ways of making the web smarter, such as linking  entities, there will be a sustainable improvement in efficiency and accuracy.  Here is Metaweb’s explanation of what an entity is. I’ll let you work out for yourself how the fundamentals might improve your business model. The importance of Things, marking things up and why. What next if you are in business? If  that sparked the neurons and opened your mind up to  a wealth of possibilities you’ll be jumping for joy to find out that semantic  ecommerce developments are well under way and a common ontology model (structured set of facts)  for describing products or services (making a product entity?) is already being used with success.   Search engines other than G have been reusing linked data for a while. As it says at the GoodRelations data space GoodRelations is a standardized vocabulary for product, price, and company data that can (1) be embedded into existing static and dynamic Web pages and that (2) can be processed by other computers. This increases the visibility of your products and services in the latest generation of search engines, recommender systems, and other novel applications. From an SEO perspective this is a game changer because the ecommerce data layer is all about verifiable facts from verifiable sources.  In a busy world would you want more words than you can verify instantly?    You can still add a human readable description but at this point in time the focus seems to be on providing the basics for a transaction to occur … but the opportunities are there.  It is very much a case of ‘work with the web and let the web do the rest’. Here is a cloudofdata.com podcast from February, 2010 where Paul Miller talks about GoodRelations, with Martin Hepp, and Jamie Taylor of Metaweb.  Listening to it is recommended for developers and others who want a better grasp of the capabilities of the web of data for buying and selling anything.   Second generation affiliate marketing will sound good to a few people I can think of as will open linked advertising space 🙂 Also interesting in this interview was what Martin Hepp who (if you’ve not heard the name before is seen as one of the global thought-leaders on The Semantic Web)  said

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Online Retail; Amazon in Action Video

Ever wondered how Amazon process so many orders? Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of one of the world’s best known online retailers? Here is a link to a great video from the BBC where Alan Lyall from Amazon.co.uk gives an exclusive look at what happens inside one of the etailer’s huge warehouses. A video tour of Amazon’s distribution centre. I was really impressed at seeing the high level overview of how the pieces fit together. The investment in technology is plainly there to see. It made me remember that even with the best online or digital sales & ordering systems, it stills boils down to human interaction to make it work. Something about the video made it flow and easy to understand. Its a really informative and worth watching for anyone involved in selling online. The overall order to delivery process for most businesses won’t be too dis-similar and if you are just starting out you could do worse than see how it works in practice and scale down. For all of that, personally I won’t be ordering anything fragile from Amazon 🙂 – watch the last five seconds to see what I mean ….

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Ecommerce Realities

If you run a business then you need to have a website, if not the simple fact is you are losing out. The problem is that even though getting a web presence for you business has become simple , there are still tips, tricks and tweaks that you need to employ if you want a healthy return on your investment. Drawing on over 10 years experience I’ve finally decided to commit myself to keeping you in the picture and start blogging. As time progresses I’ll be posting on many of the topics that you need to understand in order to profit online. We will be looking at various aspects of internet marketing and advertising strategies both online and off. We will look at how video can increase your profits, how to produce your videos and edit them. We will look at how to set-up websites, how to get paid, how to deliver your products and how to keep your clients happy and coming back for more. I’m really looking forward to sharing some of my knowledge with you and I encourage you to subscribe to my feed now. That’s it for the time being more soon.

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