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The Automated Cash Formula: Total BS!

“Automated Cash Formula” (ACF) by Dave Gale is a $37 Internet Marketing product in pdf format. There are the obligatory upsell’s at $67 and $19 offering videos so you can see how Dave does what he does. I haven’t bought the videos so I can’t comment but I’m sure they will make things much easier to follow for some. Where to begin with this review? My Biggest Problem with the sales pitch is the whole BS of the headline and sub headings Totally Eliminate The Hard Work To Making Money Online; Make You Hundreds Of Dollars A Day, Everyday, On Auto-Pilot… Using The Internet Without A Website, Selling Any Products Or Doing Any Marketing Whatsoever – Even If You’re Currently Flat Out Broke With No Time Or Energy To Spare. Sorry for being blunt but …. bullshit, horseshit and …. arrrgghhh YES the formula can work for you but you will need to put in more than a couple of hours per project to get it right, So what’s the formula:

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