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The Hidden Real Cost of Rights Packages – A Warning

This is a warning for anyone who has ever bought resale and usage rights for templates, artwork or image packs. Ignore it at you peril. I’m pretty angry right now and I can’t name names because of legal issues (mores the pity) but the bottom line is that there are some ‘marketers’ out there who are acting illegally and you and me are the ones that will end up paying. Here’s why. These ‘marketers’ provide you, me (and whoever else) with packages to use or resell as our own. These packages contain images that are in fact licensed by another company and these ‘marketers’ don’t actually have the right to even use them. Let alone sell them or give them away. And don’t get me started on what will happen if you actually sell a licensed image. Even by mistake. How does it cost you money?

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