Making Better Sense Of The Semantic Web

The semantic web is going to mean many things to each and every one of us and as the semantic layer, or framework integrates with the web we have currently, it will eventually affect every aspect of every business process.

The good news seems to be that in general, business won’t need to change core processes because the technology uses it rather than the other way round.  Put simply, the semantic web is the process of making everything readable by computers so they can find meaning.  Once that’s all done then it gets really interesting.

Once the web has readable data, all data can be used to make connections between people, documents, products, places, times, events.  Anything and everything.  Everything is linked in some way to something else.

Once you start to think about ‘everything’ and absorb the enormity, it actually becomes quite easy to let your mind wander off and drift through the possibilities.  At some point, you then begin to see how this raw, collaborative sharing power will open up real doors of opportunity for existing and new businesses.

Once data can be read and is understood by the new web, the way you control your research, advertising, marketing, search and business in general will never be the same.  Used in the right way and in the correct context we can genuinely expect more effectiveness, better efficiency and see benefits all round.

The more I think about it, the benefits & possibilities seem endless for any business that embraces the concept of the semantic web now and then gives genuine consideration for early adoption of best and common practice.  You may already be on the right path and not even have realised.

What’s the real world application and time frame?

Nova Knows.

Nova Spivack is the CEO of Radar Networks one of the trail blazers in the semantic web who have recently moved Twine, a semantic service to collaborate, manage, organize and share information, into beta.

The video below “Making Sense Of The Semantic Web” was filmed at The NextWeb Conference April 3- 4, 2008 in Amsterdam.  In his presentation Nova explains in plain simple terms pretty much all you or I need to know about what the semantic web really is and isn’t … yet.

It’s all of the facts with none of the fluff and I hope will help decision makers make an informed choice on when to direct or make budgets available to reap the benefits of the semantic web.  Personally I don’t see it as an if option.

I hope everyone who watches this video will learn something and find some inspiration.  I know I did and so have many others.  That’s because it’s a very informed and valuable insight in to where the web is heading and how it’s going to get there.

As I watched I made lots of notes but one thing that really caught my attention was Nova’s take on the time line of digital evolution.

Seeing how everything I take for granted fits neatly in to ‘the’ web master plan, was a strangely humbling moment for me now I look back on it.  The plan stretches back 30 years or more but I also see laid bare before me, the technological development plan of the web for the next 10 – 15 years, real enlightenment.  At least for me.

After watching this video I got the feeling that I’d finally discovered something priceless.  When the real Web 3.0 would be here and how long I’d got to take action.

It wasn’t as long as I thought.  I’m changing the way now.

Nova Spivack at The Next Web Conference 2008 from Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten on Vimeo.

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