Ezine Academy – How to build profitable relationships with newsletters. Review.

So there I was catching up on the mail I wanted to read, you know the stuff, content that’s very good or useful but you don’t always have time for.  Sent from people or companies you can make some time for because they actually help or give value.

One of those valuable and helpful newsletters I’ve been reading for years is called Kickstart and at the time of me writing the last issue was #1226.  As regular and reliable as you like since 2001.  The really nice guy behind Kickstart is Martin Avis and I first met him at one of his ‘London Lunches’ (they are regular ‘get togethers’ that Martin organises where people at any level who work with the internet or marketing get together and chat about ideas, concepts, business, get help and give help or advice. As well as eat and drink and have fun).

Martin Avis

Martin Avis

Earlier this week Martin had to txt me back that he was well on track after I’d forgotten that he was flat out getting things ready for the release of his updated manual on how to ‘get your own newsletter up and running – in the right way‘.  (I also sent someone else a text on Tuesday thinking it was Thursday but that’s a different story. )  As Martin publishes one of the most responsive newsletters online he’s the right man on the job and when he says “It’s how I run my business and how I plan to teach you to run yours.” I’m listening. Every business should make the most of every communication channel (including mine).  Anything that gives me a great insight or a step by step process in an easy to follow manual (so maybe I can get clients at least on the same page of what needs to be done, why and what’s involved) I’m going to investigate.

If you want to check it out for yourself and save the time of reading what I think go here http://www.mutualadvantage.co.uk/ezineacademy

– It’s written so a beginner can understand what they should be doing and why from the start, with a method of getting up, running and getting results cheaply.  It’s not a tick box guide it’s a refreshing reminder of the basics and what ‘good practice’ is. It explains the hows, ways and principles to talk and build relationships online with people who are or might be your customers.  While Martin focuses on newsletters what he says holds true for all social communication mediums.

This manual isn’t just for ‘internet marketers‘. Martin says on page 43

“I’ve worked with many local businesses, including printing companies, plumbers and retailers, who have found it extremely beneficial to have a regular email newsletter to keep in touch with their customers.
Many small businesses tend to forget that the cost and effort of acquiring a new customer can often be completely removed, simply by increasing the number of jobs done per existing customer.”

Ezine Academy coversHere’s another chance (rather than read my thoughts) to go and see what Martin is about for yourself and how he can help you  http://www.mutualadvantage.co.uk/ezineacademy  You can skip straight to the buy button and press it, you get a full guarantee anyway because he wants it to work for you.  If you’re not happy Martin’s not happy.  That’s just the way he is.  Having said that I do like the way he writes about ezine-academy.

Still here? not gone to grab your copy before the price goes up when the launch period finishes.

In the Ezine Academy members area.

If I could have justified snapping up Martins only offer to new members I would have pressed the button to get two years of pre-written newsletters. I know ‘I’ wouldn’t have been the author and even though I know they were more than good enough to send, say if I was short on time, I just didn’t have the budget (again).  I wanted them last time they went on offer too and now I’ve gone through the manual, in hindsight I’m kicking myself for not taking advantage. That’s the only tough choice you’ll have to make – do you take the up-sell as well?

After downloading the manual which is a 200+ page pdf, and the bonuses, I started watching a video of a presentation Martin gave at one of the many events he gets asked to speak at.  It was getting late so I didn’t watch it all but what I did see was Marting explaining the basic process and concepts in a very watchable format that could help anyone looking to start or improve a channel of customer communication building value with newsletters.  It bought a smile to my face to see Martin championing the good old pound.

What’s in the manual?

Look I haven’t had the time to read the whole thing yet.  I know what I know and I know what I was looking for.  I found it.  I hoped I would.  I’ve skimmed it and found bits I’d forgotten, I’ve skipped bits I didn’t think I needed to read.  I’ve got bits that I’ve earmarked to learn from and pages I need to expand on.  I’ll definitely come back to page 103 – Why Do People Unsubscribe?

Other pages in my notes are:
Its a people business.  P 54
Branding and Perception P 60

And while Martin almost glosses over social media, everything he explains about building relationships with newsletter readers is relevant to building your digital brand and your relationships with people across multiple networks.  The same principles apply.

How do you go about writing?
The Gentle Art of Connecting with Your Readers P 113
“My real purpose in writing this course is to help you „get it‟ from the word go.”
“There is a secret word that I‟m about to share with you that tells you everything you need to know about effective communications and connecting powerfully with your readers…
…that word is …”

(as if I’d spoilt it for you 🙂 )

What Not to Write – was an eye opener with possibilities I should have considered before..

Section 3: is all about the Nuts and Bolts and includes among other things a section All About Squeeze Pages

If you already know how the bits go together and didn’t want to see how other people work with them then P 213 onwards will be great for you it’s a section called  ‘But I can’t write!’

As Martin says

“Oh dear. If you really believe that, there may be no hope for you. … You may find that writing is not the difficult and mysterious process that only people with brains the size of planets can do. Thank goodness!”

and we get a real insight from him on how to and options to author content people will respond to.  Add in curation principals and your set to roll.

BTW. Thanks for the encouragement on P231 Martin. I’m so glad I can.

So where can you get your how to start and run a social newsletter that stands more chance of working and making you money?  http://www.mutualadvantage.co.uk/ezineacademy

Kevin Polley has been involved with computers and the internet since 1997. Apart from being an accomplished ecommerce consultant he is also highly experienced in Organic Search Engine Optimization techniques.

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