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Ezine Academy – How to build profitable relationships with newsletters. Review.

So there I was catching up on the mail I wanted to read, you know the stuff, content that’s very good or useful but you don’t always have time for.  Sent from people or companies you can make some time for because they actually help or give value. One of those valuable and helpful newsletters I’ve been reading for years is called Kickstart and at the time of me writing the last issue was #1226.  As regular and reliable as you like since 2001.  The really nice guy behind Kickstart is Martin Avis and I first met him at one of his ‘London Lunches’ (they are regular ‘get togethers’ that Martin organises where people at any level who work with the internet or marketing get together and chat about ideas, concepts, business, get help and give help or advice. As well as eat and drink and have fun). Earlier this week Martin had to txt me back that he was well on track after I’d forgotten that he was flat out getting things ready for the release of his updated manual on how to ‘get your own newsletter up and running – in the right way‘.  (I also sent someone else a text on Tuesday thinking it was Thursday but that’s a different story. )  As Martin publishes one of the most responsive newsletters online he’s the right man on the job and when he says “It’s how I run my business and how I plan to teach you to run yours.” I’m listening. Every business should make the most of every communication channel (including mine).  Anything that gives me a great insight or a step by step process in an easy to follow manual (so maybe I can get clients at least on the same page of what needs to be done, why and what’s involved) I’m going to investigate. If you want to check it out for yourself and save the time of reading what I think go here – It’s written so a beginner can understand what they should be doing and why from the start, with a method of getting up, running and getting results cheaply.  It’s not a tick box guide it’s a refreshing reminder of the basics and what ‘good practice’ is. It explains the hows, ways and principles to talk and build relationships online with people who are or might be your customers.  While Martin focuses on newsletters what he says holds true for all social communication mediums. This manual isn’t just for ‘internet marketers‘. Martin says on page 43 “I’ve worked with many local businesses, including printing companies, plumbers and retailers, who have found it extremely beneficial to have a regular email newsletter to keep in touch with their customers. Many small businesses tend to forget that the cost and effort of acquiring a new customer can often be completely removed, simply by increasing the number of jobs done per existing customer.” Here’s another chance (rather than read my thoughts) to

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The Automated Cash Formula: Total BS!

“Automated Cash Formula” (ACF) by Dave Gale is a $37 Internet Marketing product in pdf format. There are the obligatory upsell’s at $67 and $19 offering videos so you can see how Dave does what he does. I haven’t bought the videos so I can’t comment but I’m sure they will make things much easier to follow for some. Where to begin with this review? My Biggest Problem with the sales pitch is the whole BS of the headline and sub headings Totally Eliminate The Hard Work To Making Money Online; Make You Hundreds Of Dollars A Day, Everyday, On Auto-Pilot… Using The Internet Without A Website, Selling Any Products Or Doing Any Marketing Whatsoever – Even If You’re Currently Flat Out Broke With No Time Or Energy To Spare. Sorry for being blunt but …. bullshit, horseshit and …. arrrgghhh YES the formula can work for you but you will need to put in more than a couple of hours per project to get it right, So what’s the formula:

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