Kevin Polley

Kevin Polley I’m Kevin Polley and I’m based in Sudbury, Suffolk. I’ve been involved with computers since 1982 when I was given a Sinclair ZX Spectrum to play with and the internet since 1997.

Apart from being an accomplished ecommerce and business consultant experienced in organic search engine optimization, web based business promotion and online marketing, I keep my ear to the ground concerning semantic technology developments and I like to be ‘green’ where possible.

In 2005 I formed Mutual Advantage Ltd and am the Director of Operations for the company which is involved in many different aspects of helping businesses benefit from their use of the web. Before setting up the company I worked for blue chip as well as small and medium sized companies covering many roles.

In 2006 I started combining monetization skills with the emergence of user generated video and Web2.0 to improve return on investment and profitability for myself and my clients.

During 2007 I started seriously researching what is often called the semantic web or as I think of it ‘the numerous technologies that make the web what it is and what it will become’.

I’m always looking to build my portfolio and help people by sharing my knowledge as a consultant, beta tester and even to assist develop new or existing companies. I’m a bit of a data evangelist with a fair amount of understanding which will help you see ahead and guide you in the right direction. If you think I can or might be able help you, get in touch.

Semantic technologies will not slow down and wait for you.   “As long as you’ve got the budget the web is the place to make a profitable return on investment.”

You can catch up with me on G+ as well as here