Something doesn’t add up with this world financial resuce plan.

According to Wikipedia the world population is approximately 6.8 billion people.

According to the BBC financial bail out figures,  in the US and UK the cost of the bail out is $1,575 Billion ($700 Bn in the US and £500 Bn in the UK)  These figures do not include other countries.

Said quickly, we know it’s a lot but it doesn’t really comprehend.

However … if we divide the cost of the banking industry and money market bailouts by the world population (1575Bn / 6.8Bn) that means everyone on the planet could have been given $231Million.

Now that can’t be right.

So lets divide the world population by the cost of the bailout (6.8Bn/1575Bn)

Hey that’s much better – everyone on the planet has could have been paid $0.004Bn  (whoa – is that $4ook each?)

Considering my bank has screwed me for unfair charges, fees and who knows what else for years (and got away with it so far) it makes me sick that now as a tax payer I (and probably my kids) are expected to be paying for the banks negligence.

Personally I’d rather I was given my $0.004Bn – At least I know I can be trusted to spend it wisely and contribute to the economic growth of the planet.

What about you?

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