Online Retail; Amazon in Action Video

Ever wondered how Amazon process so many orders?

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of one of the world’s best known online retailers?

Here is a link to a great video from the BBC where Alan Lyall from gives an exclusive look at what happens inside one of the etailer’s huge warehouses. A video tour of Amazon’s distribution centre.

I was really impressed at seeing the high level overview of how the pieces fit together. The investment in technology is plainly there to see. It made me remember that even with the best online or digital sales & ordering systems, it stills boils down to human interaction to make it work.

Something about the video made it flow and easy to understand. Its a really informative and worth watching for anyone involved in selling online. The overall order to delivery process for most businesses won’t be too dis-similar and if you are just starting out you could do worse than see how it works in practice and scale down.

For all of that, personally I won’t be ordering anything fragile from Amazon 🙂 – watch the last five seconds to see what I mean ….

Kevin Polley has been involved with computers and the internet since 1997. Apart from being an accomplished ecommerce consultant he is also highly experienced in Organic Search Engine Optimization techniques.

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Kevin Polley
Kevin Polley

3 1/2 years? OUCH. It's good to see how the market players do things and it's nice to remember that it's real people who make it work. Thanks for stopping by Andrew. FYI - I watched a video interview with Richard Branston the other day (will post about it soon). It made me wonder if he would have done things differently if he ran Amazon?

Andrew Seltz - The Go-To Guy!
Andrew Seltz - The Go-To Guy!

Wow, This is both impressive and scary. I spent 3 1/2 years working in an automotive assembly facility after college and just the thought of working in the Amazon warehouse makes me want to scream... Thankfully I've found a few better ways to turn a buck. Andrew Seltz The Go-To Guy!