A little less hype and more action please.

If you’ve been involved in internet marketing for any length of time then the chances are you are on one or two lists. If you’ve been about for as long as me 🙂 then you probably get the odd email every now and again (I wished). Not wanting to be too cruel to many list owners, it’s got to the point where many of the gooroos are no better than pimps or whores who prostitute themselves for the sake of gabbing a few pennies.

Here’s why.

If you’re new to this then you might not have seen it yet but in reality you’ll soon find that buying product A from one ‘marketer’ soon get’s you added to the list of another marketer. It’s not that they sell or rent your details but most of the ‘freebies’ offered with a package involve you having to sign up on another list to get or use the bonus offered.

Some call it marketing and to a degree it is but a sad fact is that many of the bonuses offered these days are worthless piles of junk written by a ghostwriter who knows squat about the subject he’s writing about but does know how to do research. And get paid for it.

The main problem for me is the hype and bullshit I get sent in these emails. In some cases 4 or 5 people send me the same exact swiped email for the same produc. You’ve read ’em.

“product Y will help you make a gazillion dollars in less than a month. Without it your business will suffer because all of your competitors will by Y leaving you to count the cost”

The sad thing is that these gurus almost have to promote crap because they are caught in a web. If they don’t promote guru Y’s product then that guru won’t promote their product and the circle goes on.

Now at this point in time some of you might be wondering “why do I stay subscribed to these lists?”

It’s a valid question and at the moment I have two answers.

1. I live in hope that as I’ve bought product F that one day the guru who sold it to me might actually follow their own advice and practice some list management 🙂 i.e. send me something unique and show me how valued my custom is. [I’m not holding out much hope]

2. I’ve kept every email I’ve received (good, bad and indifferent) and by doing this I’ve built up a healthy swipe file of headlines, paragraphs and promotional emails that inspire me when I get writers block.

I don’t expect to get any real secrets sent to me in the emails I am sent and here’s a big tip for anyone starting out – I don’t read or act on 98% emails sent by the people I have bought something from. Why?

Because as soon as they had my money, customer care went out of the window and these folks started telling me about someone else’s product that I just had to have. What’s so sad is that in many cases the products these people were promoting were direct competitors of the original seller. DOH – do you folks have such low aspirations for your products?

The point is this. When you get your customer and you build your list, treat your list members with respect. A free newsletter should give some real value to the reader. If you must ponce (I mean promote) a few affiliate products here and there (and you should) make sure it is ‘here and there’.

Kevin Polley has been involved with computers and the internet since 1997. Apart from being an accomplished ecommerce consultant he is also highly experienced in Organic Search Engine Optimization techniques.

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