Are you embarrassed when you cant remember peoples names

Hi here is a simple tip that will help you begin to remember names. You’ll also find a link to a bonus report.

We’ve all done it, sometimes even to those that we’ve known forever – their name just escapes us. It’s like the odd socks that seem o disappear from the washing machine – names just float into a mental black hole somewhere. Normally when we want it to happen least.

Why is this? Well … the chances are, when you’re introduced to someone for the first time, you’re not really concentrating on their name. Just think about it for a second – do introductions normally go something like this:

“Hi , I’d like you to meet Phil. This is my husband’s good friend, the one I told you about before. He’s the one that works as a physical therapist with the world champions. Remember I told you he got us those great seats this time last year when we went to the game?
That was a amazing. Anyway, I wanted you two to meet so you could put faces to the names when we talk over things.”

Wow, that’s a lot of information to remember about … what was his name again?

All of that other information you got about Phil is distracting you from his name, which was the first bit of information, making it even harder to remember.

So what’s the knack to remembering peoples names?

The real trick is to be prepared for this when meeting new people. The moment you hear their name, concentrate on that and block out the other information. Let’s face it, when you are introduced to someone you are normally told their name (and if you’re not told then it is really easy and polite just to ask something like; “Hi. I didn’t catch your name. What do I call you?”).

You’ll probably have much of the other information repeated during the conversation anyway, but their name is the one thing that they’ll expect you to remember. So make that the focus of your thought and you’ll be sure to get it right the first time, every time!

A good way to help to reinforce your memory is to say their name as soon as possible in normal conversation.
Something like, ‘So , have you had any thoughts on how we can improve your memory?’

It’s very simple and very effective. Try it and see. The more you do it the easier it gets.

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I’ll post another tip tomorrow.

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Gert Hough
Gert Hough

:-) "like the odd socks that seem o disappear from the washing machine" Just thought I had to post about some of your links not working... thought you might want to check them out. It usually happens when you enter the link starting with "www" intead of "http".